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A brand is not a singular logo with a few different color variants.  It is an idea, an identity that is meant to communicate your service, your values and your aspirations.  Let our team assist with bringing your dream to life that will connect you with your ideal clientele.


A sign by Sherwood’s can be as small as an office plaque or large enough to work as a storefront. From Manor High School’s yearly senior yard signs to City of Portsmouth PVC signs, we have expertise in producing high-quality signage for clients of all shapes, sizes. Our selection extends past plastic-based signs, we offer aluminum, foam-core, and backlit illumination film.


Sherwood’s makes high-quality and stylish apparel and uses creative takes on trends to create designs unique to Sherwood’s Business Center.  We have many new methods of apparel creation from Direct to Garment to Heat Transfer Film and vinyl to embroidery.  Anything you like could be printed on apparel without the worry of peeling or loose threads.  Logos have never looked better on apparel with our color variety with vinyl and embroidery. Mixing these processes and materials helps us create the most unique apparel possible for our clients.

Vinyl Adhesion

Our production team is experienced and efficient with different forms of vinyl from adhesive to heat transfer and adjacent materials like direct-to-film and perforated see-through vinyl. Vehicle wraps, window graphics, interior graphics, and more are possible with Sherwood’s installation. We guarantee an expert and timely installation that will last through the years. Sherwood’s uses 3M, Siser, Thermoflex, and other name-brand materials to give our clients the best possible product.


Here at Sherwoods Business Center we also offer printing services. From making copies to faxing. Any job big or small we can take care of it. We most commonly print commercial work, which typically involves printing large quantities of materials, such as brochures, flyers, and business cards. 

FedEx Authorized Shipping

When working with us out of state we can use FedEx to ship you your items as well as mail out anything you deliver to us in-store. You simply deliver your product to our location. A shipping label will then be printed and applied to your shipment by the attendant.

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