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How we did it

Pepperpot already has a remarkable brand and logo. To keep the branding up-to-date they had planned to apply an update. In order for the company's branding to continue to be recognized to current clients, we didn't want to make any major modifications. We used the same typeface because it has distinct characteristics. After that, we began developing the logomark, maintaining the idea of a pot and pepper by turning the pepper into a pot.

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Pepperpot Caribbean




Branding & Print Collateral

This long-time client of Sherwood's has come to us for printed collateral such as business cards, menu pamphlets, and vinyl banners. They are a hardworking and traditional carribean cusinie caterer for events that wanted to bring the flavor the islands to their local community until they decided to relocate.

Pepperpot was moving locations, to the big city.  We decided to give their brand an update so that they can catch the attention of the new and more diverse audience at their new location.  We kept their brand colors while refining the logo and creating a more destinct logo mark. This maintains their history and traditions while modernizing their brand. 

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