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Our Process 

Working with Eddie, we aimed to modernize the branding and make it straightforward yet effective. After thorough research on the company's goals, competitors, and personality, we developed a number of logo concepts. We took all of our concepts and turned them into thumbnails; then, after reviewing all of the thumbnails, we chose the top three to transform into digital lockups.  We later met up with Eddie to talk about the lockups and get his opinion on all three. We used the design he liked the best as the foundation for all of the branding.

We are quite proud of what we have accomplished for Eddie's Crabhouse. The business has benefited greatly from the new and updated branding, and we had a memorable experience, the journey taught us a lot along the way.


Eddie's Crabhouse




Branding, Print & Signage Collateral

Eddie is a graduate of multiple HBCUs and has had a  passion for the seafood business. Eddies Crabhouse has a been staple in the Hampton Roads community for 57 years. Eddie wants to continue the tradition of bringing fresh hot seafood not only for an in-store pickup but as well as delivery. Eddie's Crabhouse over the last 57 years has looked to expand and adapt to the current cultural climate. Since the pandemic, Eddie's has started doing events, which led to Eddie realizing that it was time for a branding update.

We have helped Eddie to make his logo more recognizable and simple. The branding we have done for him helps his business come off as more professional and trustworthy. Having a brand that looks professional and like you have experience helps a customer feel more trustful of the business. This new branding has helped Eddie's business grow and attract more customers.

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