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The branding for Learner's Daycare simply just doesn't do the amazing business justice. In order to make the new logo easier to understand and to better attract customers, we wanted to preserve the primary elements of the old one while enhancing and simplifying it. We achieved this by preserving the logo's vibrant aesthetic but only making it more readable and instantly recognizable.

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Learner's Daycare




Branding, Print Collateral & Apparel

Zo's Desserts and More originally started in 2015, as an at-home bakery, it sparked a desire to better and expand into something more than an at-home business. The crew at Zo's has progressed to becoming the fastest-growing black-owned bakery in Portsmouth after relocating to an official storefront in late 2017.

After expanding their menu, they decided it was time to refresh the branding. We created a distinct will attract more customers, help them stand out from competitors, and position them as a young prominent business that is making waves in the baking industry.

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